How can we help refugees and migrants?

– How to help refugees and migrants in France?

As a result of wars, instability or prolonged crises, the number of people forced to flee their country has continued to increase. Faced with this situation, civil society, driven by a surge of solidarity, has taken up the issue. A question then arises: how to help migrants and promote their integration in their host country? Donations of clothing, creation of associations, food aid, training programs… Solidarity takes many forms but responds to a common desire: to welcome exiled populations with dignity.

Bringing material aid to migrants

Many associations are committed to welcoming migrants and covering their basic needs: food, clothing and housing. Your donations are essential to enable these structures to meet the basic needs of newcomers. Contact your local association to find out how to make donations for migrants.

Welcoming, accompanying, creating links  

Internationally, one objective: to give hope to young people, through psycho-social support and actions of education, training and professional integration.

In France, there are two main areas of work:

– to accompany the most fragile through psychological support

– support citizen engagement with exiles

These two areas remain relevant in the context of the health crisis, and have been maintained.

In addition to its calls for projects, the Solidarité Migrants program supports key players in the sector through multi-year operating aid. The Gisti, the Comède, Parcours d’Exil and the Plateforme de Soutien aux Migrants, in particular, benefit from this support.

Fostering the integration and empowerment of migrants by becoming volunteers

Volunteers are essential to the proper functioning of associations. Their contribution in terms of time, skills and motivation is considerable for these solidarity structures. If you would like to help migrants, do not hesitate to contact a local association supported by the Fondation de France.

Would you like to get involved with an association that helps migrants? Volunteering with exiled people requires general skills (interculturality, fair distance, etc.) and sometimes more specific knowledge (law, pedagogy, administration, etc.). The Fondation de France supports associations that seek to train their team to meet the needs of migrants. Associations can apply for a grant to organize technical training (French as a foreign language, foreigners’ rights, access to social rights, etc.) or more general training (interculturality, positioning, introduction to psychotrauma, etc.).

What are the selection criteria?

Faced with the shortage of care for exiled people suffering psychic suffering, this program aims to support initiatives that allow a greater number of people to be cared for – either because the activities take place in groups, are short term, or are based on voluntary work.

These may be known methods (brief therapies, art therapies, regular psychological marauding, talk groups, sports therapies, mobilization and training of networks of volunteer psychologists, first aid therapies, EMDR etc.) but also innovative projects, including – if they are prepared and supervised by a mental health professional – methods applied by people who do not have a degree in psychology or medicine.

Projects that include an evaluation of the system put in place will be favored, for the purpose of spin-off.